Basic Principles of Interior Design in Viera, FL

5 Basic Principles of Interior Design in Viera, FL

August 25, 2021

If you find the current look of your home not appealing enough, one of the options to consider is revamping your interior design. While most people in Viera, FL, desire to have beautiful homes, not many can achieve a well-designed interior. Fortunately, there are basic interior design principles to consider.

1. Balance

Balance involves incorporating all components to create equilibrium or a sense of stability. It’s about equalizing the visual weight in your home. Some of the balancing styles include radial symmetry and symmetrical and asymmetrical balance.

Radial symmetry is when all aspects draw up toward a center point. A perfect example is a spiral staircase or a round dining table surrounded by chairs. Although the radial balance isn’t common in modern-day interior design, it’s an excellent way to revamp your home.

Symmetrical balance is when designers split spaces evenly by identical pieces of art like furniture. For instance, you can arrange two seats on either side of a dining table.

Symmetrical balance is the most popular balance style, mainly because the identical elements are consistent on each side. Make sure you don’t overdo the symmetrical balance style, or it may appear monotonous.

Asymmetrical balance is an informal approach where you don’t have to duplicate forms, colors, texture, and line visual weight. You don’t have to arrange your items in a particular order, making your room look a bit complex and appealing.

2. Harmony

Harmony is an essential element in interior home design. Every pattern, piece of furniture, or art should complement each other. Harmony is a result of all other principles used in the proper proportions.

It’s the focal point to judge whether your space is appealing or not. An example of a harmonious interior design is a space that incorporates forms of different texture, size, and shape with the same color. However, ensure your colors, patterns and textures flow smoothly.

3. Emphasis

A room where everything gets the same attention may appear bland. It’s essential to have an anchor, which could be a valuable possession that you wish to showcase. The item should draw the attention of visitors or anyone who visits your home.

You can use a window with an appealing view or an architectural design like a fireplace. One way to emphasize a space is by arranging seats around the area. However, if your room doesn’t have an area of interest, you can bring in a unique large piece of art or pieces of furniture.

4. Proportion and Scale

Proportion and scale are essential aspects to include interior design. If you have very large or too small furniture and fittings, your room may seem out of place.

For example, picking a small bathtub to fit in a spacious bathroom may make the room look out of proportion. Similarly, if you use small furniture in a spacious living room, the space will look empty.

Ensure you use items that are proportional in size. Scale the items appropriately to ensure they’re not too small or too big. The proportion of smaller space to more extensive areas should be the same as that of the larger space to the whole room.

5. Rhythm

Rhythm doesn’t only apply to music; it’s also an essential principle in interior design. Most of the objects you see in your home have vibration, which interior designers use to create rhythm. Rhythm involves creating contrast, and repetitions develop a visual appeal.

You can achieve rhythm by using the same shape or color at different intervals. The aim is to create a consistency that draws the attention of anyone who enters the room. Some of the most accessible items to make repetition include wallpapers, paint and tiles.

Final Thoughts

Following these simple interior design basics will help you create a consistent and appealing interior design. Do you need help to revamp your interior design in Viera, FL? Contact Todd Thomas Home, and we’ll handle all your kitchen, bathroom, and other interior remodeling needs.

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