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If your bathroom is tired, banal, or lacking in storage, it’s time to inject a little excitement into your home. At Todd Thomas Home, we specialize in new bathroom cabinets that can bring your loo to life.

New Bathroom Cabinets Can Transform Your Home

A stodgy, outdated bathroom can really cramp your style. It may even hurt the value of your property. Fortunately, you probably don’t need to tear it all down and start over to fix the problem. If you’ve grown tired of uninspired aesthetics, simply installing new bathroom cabinets can transform your surroundings.

Installing a new set of custom cabinets can elevate the look of your entire bathroom. Whether you prefer sleek, modern utility or your tastes are more avant-garde, you’re free to let your personality shine. Bathrooms often have subpar lighting and tight spaces, but custom cabinets can help you create the perfect look in any conditions.

Bathroom Cabinets

The Benefits of Investing in Bathroom Cabinets

The humble bathroom may seem like an odd place to start remodeling, but it’s actually a shrewd investment. Since bathrooms are typically small, Florida homeowners frequently complain of limited space and inadequate storage. Additionally, existing bathroom cabinets are often built with low-quality materials that are prone to moisture damage. Custom bathroom cabinets installed by experienced professionals solve all of these problems. As a result, your bathroom remodeling project can pay off in several important ways.

  • Better utilization of limited space
  • Added storage and less clutter
  • Improved aesthetics, practicality, and functionality
  • Quality materials and moisture resistance
  • Typically high return on investment

Quality Work and Captivating Designs

Any contractor or handyman can purchase and install ordinary bathroom cabinets in your home. At Todd Thomas Home, we go far beyond the ordinary to deliver personalized service and industry-leading craftsmanship. Whatever your needs, tastes, and preferences, we’re confident we can provide custom bathroom cabinets that you’ll love.

We use quality materials that are made to withstand the moisture and unpredictable conditions in a bathroom environment. We also guarantee our work for two years, doubling the industry standard. We’d rather lose money than risk losing the trust of our valued clients. From the quality of our work to our dedicated, responsive service, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Make your bathroom remodel a smashing success with the experts at Todd Thomas Home. We’re one of Florida’s most trusted names in home renovation and we stand behind our work with our Quality Without Compromise Guarantee.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Prompt, accurate, and detailed proposals
  • Outstanding communication and attention to detail
  • Next-level workmanship and customer service
  • Strongly encourage client involvement


  • We’ll keep working until you’re completely satisfied
  • 2-year warranty, double the industry standard
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