High-Quality Windows and Doors in Cocoa Beach , FL

5 Benefits of High-Quality Windows and Doors in Cocoa Beach, FL

August 15, 2022

It is wise to routinely evaluate your windows and doors, especially in spring when temperatures are rising. An efficient installation is an invaluable investment that can reduce energy bills and protect your home. Here are five benefits of installing high-quality windows and doors in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Manage Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Replacing your windows and doors could be the best decision for reducing your household’s energy consumption. Old panes can lose heat through convection and conduction. Air leakage can waste up to half of your home’s heating and cooling energy through radiation.

Quality windows and doors shield your home from the rising outdoor temperatures in Brevard County’s spring. New installations will reduce the time your AC runs in the warmer seasons.

The U-factor is a unit that represents the loss of heat through windows. Old windows can deteriorate with time and tend to have a lower U-factor. The U-factor of your new installation should match your region’s climate.

Protection from UV Radiation

Solar radiation can increase the building’s cooling load in Brevard County’s hot spring weather. While we require the sun’s radiation for lighting, well-designed windows will balance your lighting and cooling needs.

Advanced windowpane technologies ensure a correct mix of light wavelengths according to your region’s climate. The SGHC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) represents the amount of radiation the window can allow.

The lower the SGHC value, the more radiation it blocks. By shielding sun rays, it reduces the building’s cooling load. Windows with a low SGHC are ideal for southern homes that need more light and less heat in the warmer seasons.

An efficient window installation should block UV radiation while allowing light into the building. Ultra-Violet radiation can damage valuables in your home like the carpet and furniture. Our interior design services team can provide affordable and durable installations in Cocoa.

Noise Reduction for Enhanced Comfort

You can also reduce noise by replacing old windows and doors. Outdated windows had metal spacers, which transmit sounds better than air.

Modern windows are either double or triple-glazed. The additional glazing dampens noises from the outdoors. Modern windows have multi-chambered frames and spacers to reduce the sound transmission from the outdoors to your home.

Replacing your windows and doors presents an opportunity to fix air leaks. Since air transmits sound, sealing holes and cracks will reduce the noise further.

Control Lighting and Enhance Privacy

Another benefit of installing high-quality windows is to control lighting and enhance privacy. You can choose different ratings of tinted glass depending on your lighting needs.

Visible Transmission (VT) indicates the amount of light passing through the glass. Windows with a VT rating of over 60% allow more light radiation into your home. A rating below 50% indicates the pane is reflective and will block most of the light.

Privacy needs may vary from one homeowner to the next. Replacing windows enables you to choose a pane for optimum lighting and privacy.

You can also install patio doors as a barrier between your home and the outdoors. Our models have improved insulation and low-E glass. That way, you can enhance the building’s energy efficiency while upholding your home’s privacy.

Affordable Home Makeover With High ROI

Replacing your windows and doors is a cost-effective way to upgrade your home’s interior. You can choose different finishes and trim options. Modern windows have weather-resistant frames and tilt-in designs for easy maintenance.

Replacing windows and doors can reduce energy consumption and minimize your exposure to UV radiation. All those factors can boost your property’s market value. According to analysts, you can gain an 85% ROI on your home’s value with a new window installation.

Whether you need durable vinyl or rustic wood windows, you can expect exceptional services from our team. As an A+-rated service and Angie’s List Awards recipient, we have a reputation for top-notch craftsmanship and responsive customer service. Contact Todd Thomas Home for free estimates on windows and doors replacements today in Cocoa Beach.

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