Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen in Melbourne, FL

7 Things to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen in Melbourne, FL

March 17, 2023

Creating an outdoor kitchen in Melbourne, FL isn’t just about adding style and comfort to your backyard; it can be a great way to bring a family together, entertain guests, and cook delicious meals. Access to all the tools you need right in your backyard makes hosting gatherings simpler than ever before. But with so many elements that go into designing your outdoor kitchen setup, many factors are important, from countertops and grills to seating arrangements and task lighting.

1. Location

The outdoor kitchen should be in an area that will provide enough protection from the elements, such as wind and direct sunlight while allowing for an open feel. Depending on the proximity of neighboring homes, a shady, protected spot – such as a corner of a courtyard or the side of a deck – may be ideal and offer more privacy. Additionally, placement behind shrubbery or trees can create a natural cover and provide tranquility to your outdoor cooking space.

2. Size

When designing an outdoor kitchen, size is a pivotal factor. It’s important to look at everything you’ll need for your culinary creations: the cooking equipment and seating arrangement.

Research first to understand what size makes sense for you and your space. This will ensure that you have the best possible time enjoying your outdoor kitchen.

3. Appliances

Several necessary pieces count to ensure a well-rounded cooking experience, such as a high-efficiency gas or wood-fired grill with side burners, a convection oven, a refrigerator/freezer, and an ice maker. Furthermore, including a sink and dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen will provide convenience when preparing and cleaning up after meals. As a bonus, selecting grills and stoves with energy-efficient sources can reduce overall costs and decrease your carbon footprint.

4. Storage

Cabinets and drawers will be useful for storing utensils, bottles, cans, and anything else needed for food preparation and serving. Installing shelves or hanging racks allows convenient access to frequently used items and provides more space for steak rubs or sauces you only use seasonally. Additionally, consider adding outdoor bins, perfect for broken-down boxes or larger grocery store bags.

5. Countertops

You must pay special attention to the countertops when designing an outdoor kitchen. Not only should they have sturdy material that will withstand extreme climates and temperatures, but they should also be pleasing to the eye since they’re one of the first things people will notice when they visit your backyard oasis. Consider using stone or quartz for a chic and modern look that won’t require frequent maintenance or opt for something more neutral if you ever decide to spruce up your outdoor space with a different style.

6. Flooring

Choosing the right material can extend the life of your outdoor space and make it a more comfortable and enjoyable place to entertain. Picking out durable materials that withstand moisture is key, such as natural stone or concrete pavers. Non-skid surfaces may also be beneficial if you plan on entertaining children or individuals with mobility issues.

7. Lighting

There are several lighting options for an outdoor kitchen, from ambient lighting to task lights. Ambient lights can provide a relaxing atmosphere and help create a warm shade, while task lights can light up the specific areas that need more brightness, like the grill or countertops. Moreover, additional accent lights can highlight your favorite items and decorations, like pieces of art or plants.

Outdoor Design Help

Designing your outdoor kitchen is an exciting project that can help to create a functional and stylish space for gathering with family and friends. With thoughtful planning and design considerations, you can create a kitchen that meets your needs and brings maximum enjoyment to your outdoor living space.

From picking the right materials to making sure you have the right appliances, there are many things you need to think about when creating a unique outdoor kitchen fit for any occasion. With these tips, you can create an amazing outdoor kitchen.

At Todd Thomas Home, we offer exceptional outdoor kitchen installation. We deliver flooring, cabinets, hardware, appliances, countertops and furniture in styles, colors, materials, and textures that suit your taste, so contact Todd Thomas Home today to see how we can help you.

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