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7 Tips for Making a Large Space Feel Cozy in Melbourne, FL

December 17, 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to create a cozy cottage in Melbourne, FL, check out these handy tips for making your living space feel less impersonal and more lived-in. Investing in inexpensive plants, using colorful fabrics and adding a few decorative items will make even a large space feel inviting. Give your home some warmth with these simple adjustments that won’t break the bank.

1. Accentuate the Highlights

One of the biggest tricks to making a large space feel cozy is highlighting the best parts with unique items. If you’re working with an open space, search for an item that will draw attention to the windows and doors. If there’s a big window, try adding a plant or two that will remind you of the outdoors.

Instead of scattering many items throughout the room, find one central focal point for your decorating and place plants around it, so you don’t feel lost in space. Our team can help you select the right plants and arrange them in a way that will make you feel connected to your living space.

2. Use Color Wisely

Even endless walls can seem open when you add bright colors or bold prints. Choose a few neutrals that can work well with the rest of your decorating and match them to the color scheme in your living space. If you don’t like the way an accent color looks after it’s repeated, try swapping it out with another accent.

3. Add in Texture

Some people prefer a forest-like ambiance, while others prefer more minimalistic surroundings. If you’re in a large space, it’s hard to get away from the feeling of a complete lack of decoration. To add more texture to your large space, go for large mirrors or place throw rugs around different areas in the room.

4. Hide the Mess

Even if you have a lot of floor space, you can still make it look small by leaving piles of items around that don’t belong there. Hide your clutter by putting extra furniture in certain corners and under the bed for a unique look. You can also use small decorative items to add texture and color to the space if you don’t want to deal with clutter.

5. Add an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall is a popular way to create depth in a large room. Many people choose a bold color for the accent wall, but it can be pretty handy to use exposed brick or texture as your accent instead. You can also use natural items like stone, wood or a plant for an interesting accent.

6. Add Plants

Incorporating plants into your living area creates organic balance, whether you have a small room or large space. A single plant can make a large space appear smaller. If you’re particularly fond of flowers, try popping them in odd places to add some unexpected color to the room.

7. Work Your Furniture Around the Space

When you have a large space, using furniture around the perimeter can make it feel smaller. Layering the furniture in an organized way will create space in even a big room. If you’re working with limited floor space, stick to small items that you can tuck under or behind other items.

For example, try putting a side table behind an armchair for a larger look. In addition, you can use a small sofa as a mattress when you have overnight guests.

When you need help making a room feel cozy through a professional remodel, Todd Thomas Home in Melbourne, FL, is the perfect place to come for advice. We’re here to answer all your home decorating questions and can even help you create what you want without breaking the bank. We specialize in interior design strategies that reflect the unique personal style, which we bring into each client’s homes’ bedrooms, dining rooms and living areas.

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