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7 Tips to Make Your Home’s Small Spaces Appear Larger in Rockledge, FL

March 31, 2021

Living in a smaller home often means making the best of your available space. So how do you avoid having your home make you feel too confined or even claustrophobic? Below are seven tips to make the small spaces appear larger in your Rockledge, FL home.

Avoid Heavy Materials and Fabrics

Curtains made from heavy materials and fabrics absorb light coming in from windows and doors and make the whole room feel far heavier and smaller. To make your small spaces feel and look larger, switch to curtains made from lightweight materials.

Lightweight materials to keep your eye out for include curtains containing cotton, synthetic materials, linen, and silk, even though silk is heavier than other material types. If you’re okay with sheer curtains, you can go with lace, nylon, gauze, and voile.

Creative Furniture Layout

The way you arrange your furniture helps to make limited space appear larger. Makes sure there’s at least one pathway through the room to the other connecting rooms. A clear walking path draws the eye, and a gap between furniture pieces makes the room appear larger.

Another way to arrange furniture creatively is to use multi-functional furniture. This includes expanding dining tables, folding tables, nesting tables, or a bed with storage drawers. If you have larger pieces of furniture, place the larger pieces against walls to maximize open spaces.

Get Rid of Clutter

While personal belongings make the area homier, such as letters, magazines, books, and other items, clutter makes the space more cramped. Psychology Today states that clutter impedes connecting to your home, leads to poor mental health, and makes thinking less efficient.

Clutter doesn’t just mean what’s on your surfaces but also applies to your walls and floors. One way to remove clutter from floors is to swap out large rugs for small rugs, thereby creating the illusion of more floor space. As for other clutter types, organize the clutter into separate categories where you choose to keep it, file it, throw it away or give it to someone else.

Hidden Storage

Shelves are your friends, but if you want your space looking larger than it is, hiding items away in baskets, window seats, drawers, and hollow benches go a long way in opening up the space. A designated area for each item makes it faster to find things and makes the space less cluttered and far easier to clean.


Mirrors go a long way in assisting the décor of a home. Mirrors reflect light and create a greater sense of openness. Since mirrors reflect light, they can help make rooms brighter, making them great for small spaces.

More light makes smaller spaces feel larger. Mirrors also double the view, making your space look bigger, especially if the mirror length goes from the ceiling to the floor.

Show Some Leg

Making an area seem like it has more space is all about creating a perception of openness. In the same way that having a pathway in the main room gives a sense of more space, having furniture with space underneath and seeing the legs under the furniture provides a sense of movement.

Vertical Lines

In clothing, vertical lines make people look taller while horizontal lines provide the illusion that they are wider. Utilizing vertical space rather than horizontal space makes a room feel larger. This means you can either decorate up and down the wall or use tall but narrow cupboards to provide the illusion that the room is larger.

When it comes to making your home work for you, a few design tricks can go a long way. Contact Todd Thomas Home today to experience personalized interior design from professionals who provide an unparalleled level of customer service.

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