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How to Tell If I Need to Replace or Repair Cabinets in Melbourne, FL

April 30, 2021

Over the years, the cabinets in your Melbourne, FL, home may develop minor problems that require repairs. However, as they age, repairs may be more expensive than the cost of replacing them. Here are some signs that will help you determine whether to replace or repair your cabinets.

Water Damage

When your kitchen cabinets develop problems such as dark-colored spots or they fail to close properly, they have water damage. These problems occur since most cabinets are wood, which is a porous material. Since your kitchen contains water, wood may get damaged, especially in cases of leaking pipes.

If the damage is minor, you can repair the cabinets. If not, you’ll have to replace them. Below are signs that indicate serious water damage:

  • When the wood starts to warp
  • When the external lamination peels off
  • When you notice organic growth
  • Bubbling up on the outside or inside of the cabinet
  • When the wood changes color or blackens
  • Poor functionality

When the overall functioning of your cabinets doesn’t meet your expectations, replace them. Even if they have an aesthetically pleasing finish but don’t work accordingly, you’ll have to remodel instead of repairing them.

If it’s hard to access your cabinets such that you need to remove certain items to reach others, you need to replace them. Additionally, if the drawers make odd noises or keep getting stuck when opening, repairs won’t fix the issue.

When Your Cabinet Develops Microbes

High moisture levels promote microbial growth on different surfaces, including kitchen cabinets. If found early, you can address it and prevent further damage. If ignored, it quickly spreads all over the cabinet surface.

The presence of microbes not only affects your cabinets but also poses a health risk to you and your family. Water leakages promote this growth, and they need to get addressed to curb the problem.

Worn-Out Cabinet Box

Over time, the cabinet box may wear out to an extent you cannot re-drill new holes or mount a new hinge. At this point, it cannot support new doors. Without this ability, you have to replace the entire cabinet because performing repairs will only waste money.

Before purchasing a new door or sand down as a replacement to the old door, ensure that the wood is strong enough to support new hinges and holes. Contact your local home improvement specialist for replacements.

Soft Cabinets

Over time, the walls of your cabinet may feel soft. Try pushing the sides of the cabinet and confirm if it has gone soft. If it has, then that’s a sign that it’s severely damaged and is bound to fall apart.

Any signs of soft walls or dampness mean that the cabinet is beyond repairs, and you need to replace it immediately. There is no point in wasting a lot of money trying to make any aesthetic changes.

When Changing the Kitchen Layout Completely

When remodeling your kitchen to a new design, you have to change the cabinets to match the new layout. The cabinet assumes the same configurations as the kitchen layout and needs replacement every time you change it.

If you’re only doing partial layout changes, then repairs would be appropriate. However, if you intend to remove the wall holding the cabinets, you need to install new cabinets.

When the Cabinets Are Old

Unfortunately, like everything else, your cabinets won’t last forever. Their lifespan largely depends on the wood quality. Generally, high-quality cabinets may last for about 50 years.

However, depending on how you use them, they may degrade much faster and force you to replace them. Plus, your preference may change over time, so you may have to change old cabinets out for a new design and style. For instance, if you purchase a new home, the existing cabinet design may be old and outdated, so you may need to replace them.

Before you commit your time and money to repair cabinets, you want to make sure that they’ll serve you accordingly. In some instances, repairs are appropriate, but others only require replacement. For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact the team at Todd Thomas Home.

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