Tile Trends in Cocoa Beach, FL

Tile Trends to Look For in 2022 in Cocoa Beach, FL

August 15, 2022

Changing the tile in your Cocoa Beach, FL, home is an easy way to transform any room. While you often see tile in kitchens and bathrooms, it’s also a good option for living rooms or hallways as your family brings in sand and dirt on their feet. Check out some of the top tile trends for 2022 before you reach out to Todd Thomas Home Improvement.

Unique Textures

If you still think of tiles in terms of the flat designs you saw in the past, take a look at some of the new textured tiles. Three-dimensional (3D) printing allows manufacturers to make tiles that look like wood and other materials. They work as part of a backsplash or an accent wall as well as on the floor.

The Great Outdoors

Many Cocoa Beach, FL, homeowners love using tiles that recreate the feeling of the great outdoors in different areas. You might go with tiles made from natural stone that remind you of hiking and rock climbing. Bright colors that resemble the ocean and beach are also popular.

From the Floor to the Wall

You no longer need to tile your bathroom floor and then look for paint or wallpaper that matches it to use on your walls. One of the hot trends for 2022 is matching tile on the walls and floors. You can create a similar look in your kitchen when you use the same tiles on your backsplash that you do on your counters.

Bold Shapes

Who says you can only use square tiles in your home? Tile now comes in some funky and unique shapes such as chevron and leaf patterns. You can even mix up the look with a few accent tiles in an unusual color like gold or brass.

Rock the Latest Tile Trends

Call Todd Thomas Home Improvement to help you add a new touch to your bathroom or any other room in your home with professional tilework. Schedule a time to meet with the tile pros to rock one of these big tile trends.

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